Motorized  Window Shades

Living in Jupiter Florida, it gets hot. We don’t have to tell you that. We can help you control the heat with motorized shades. Motorized shades can help keep your home cool on those hot Florida days and can be installed to automatically go up and down at certain times of day following the pattern of the sun. We make it easy to make your house look great and save energy at the same time.

Imagine a world where window treatments anticipate your needs and adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morning, noon and night. That’s the beauty of Motorization. Create your own Scenes-different combinations of each shade in the room, adjusted to the exact position you want at different times of the day based on your light, privacy and overall room ambiance preferences.  Use the scheduling feature to set your Scenes to operate independently. You can program any Scene to activate on specific days and times. You can even schedule multiple-room Scenes to activate simultaneously. Link one or more of your Scenes to the local sunrise or sunset times and shades move into their positions automatically.

You can operate your window coverings from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet.

Available in an incredible range of sophisticated styles, our shading solutions create a whole new world of beauty and convenience.

motorized windows in someone's living room