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When choosing a custom integration company, the smartest, time saving thing you can do is to start with a budget in mind. The second smartest thing you can do is to share that budget goal with the integrator you’d like to work with.  Here’s why…

We’ve installed custom audio video and smart home solutions for over ten years.  I’ve asked at least 95% of our prospective clients what the budget is for the project. I’ve had exactly 1 customer tell me exactly what his budget was from the beginning.  The end result? A silky smooth process from proposal to finish.

When you arm your custom integration company with a budget, we can go to work designing your new system with your budget in mind.  That pays dividends for everyone involved.

Your designer knows how to match products that meet the budget.   He/she knows what installation techniques can save money on labor. It also gives the designer the ability to set expectations from the initial proposal.  However, if you don’t give a budget, it just becomes guesswork. WIthout a budget in mind a proposal will probably come in on the high end, and can sometimes shock a prospective client.  Make no bones about it, it’s easy to spend upwards of a $100k on a home automation system.  (See what I mean? that just freaked you out).  Did you know you can also get started in home automation for as little as $600 + installation? Yep, it’s true.  I know what you’re saying….”Yes, but the $100k system is way better than the $600 system”.  Actually, they’re the exact same system, just a smaller scale.  Fortunately, since Control4 systems are modular, a good designer can build your system with your budget in mind and grow it over time.

Here’s what we recommend to get started in home automation the right way.

1. Start with a budget in mind. (and share the budget with your designer)

2. List wants in order of importance.

3. Call Us.  561-745-6186

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